STINGA software

About us

About us

STINGA software is a company that has for two decades been dealing with the rapid development, design and integration of specialized business, web, mobile and desktop applications for all technology platforms, mostly (but not exclusively) for Microsoft platforms. We focus on applications and cloud services based on Microsoft's Azure platform that are available on request and are easily scaled in terms of resources and costs, depending on the needs of users and the service load required.
STINGA software is a reliable outsourcing partner, specifically focused on the maintenance and development of scalable solutions for the financial sector (investment funds, accounting, brokers, etc.), the telecommunications sector and marketing.

Our specializations

We also specialize in business intelligence and solutions for collecting, analyzing, and other types of big data processing. Our know-how in these areas enables us to provide our customers with top quality, scalable solutions based on modern technologies and platforms.
We operate globally and we are focused on businesses of all sizes, regardless of the sector they operate in. We also deal with specialized services for other IT companies.
Consulting services in the field of information technologies and implementation of business information systems are an integral part of our service portfolio.

Team and technologies

Our team is made of top skilled professionals, specialists in business processes and technologies that help customers design customized solutions which help them quickly make better business decisions.
We also adapt older, legacy applications to new technology platforms - solutions that were, for example, originally written in Visual Basic and C ++. This allows our customers to modernize their existing business systems and applications and adapt them to the contemporary technological trends and demands of today's business.
The company was founded in 1997 in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, EU member state.