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Desktop application

A special development segment in STINGA Software are desktop solutions based on different technologies. We deal with them from our very beginnings, and our expertise covers older platforms – including programming languages such as C ++ and Visual Basic – as well as the development of desktop applications on newer platforms and environments, such as .NET Framework, Windows Forms, Metro, Universal Apps and WPF application.
In addition to new desktop applications for Windows and other platforms, we make applications that can work across multiple platforms as well. At the same time, we offer the same and consistent user experience, look and functionality on all of them.
Our desktop solutions, known for their speed of complex tasks performance and strong security protection, are used mostly in investment banking, accounting, data search, and marketing departments of various companies. They are additionally closely integrated with the web versions and variants of the same solutions for mobile devices (mobile phones and tablets).

Modernization and adaptation of existing applications

We also adapt existing desktop applications to new technology platforms. Thus, we enable our customers to adapt their business information systems and applications that power their businesses to today's requirements, changing business processes resulting from the digital transformation and, in general, modernize their applications.
Our customers know us also through a set of development tools and controls that we have been offering for over two decades to other individuals and companies that deal with software development. These components have found their way into other top software solutions.

What makes relationship with STINGA Software a unique and valuable one?

We are a reliable partner ready for long-term relationships with customers and clients. In fact, we believe that in that way we can provide the most for our customers. We offer a comprehensive package of non-stop services of desktop applications support and upgrades to new functionalities, in accordance with your business needs.

Some of our solutions in the field of desktop applications are:

  • STINGA accounting – bookkeeping program.
  • STINGA fund – investment funds management program, applied by a number of investment companies in Croatia and the region.
  • STINGA broker – brokerage portfolio management application, also implemented by many brokers in Croatia and the region.
  • BizServer – service used to support a variety of our products (user authentication, processing of prices from Stock Exchange, monitoring exchange rates, etc.).
  • Contact Finder – search tool for contacts on the Internet and collecting information that is important and relevant for the user.
  • MCM – service for SMS prize games processing.
  • SharpGrid – ActiveX grid control (rights to the product purchased in the meantime by the company DataDynamics).
  • SharpUI for .NET – .NET components (dockable toolbars, menus, tool windows, enhanced textbox with mask edit etc.) developed for DataDynamics.