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Mobile application

Mobile applications today are an integral and unavoidable part of almost every solution companies develop for their own use or for their customers. A multi-platform mobile application development is one of our specializations. Even if you have never thought about how to convert your existing internal or external web services into a mobile application, further expanding the possibilities of their use and availability, we can help your company implement this process in the right way. We in STINGA software recognize the importance of mobile applications for modern business and we deeply understand the process: we develop mobile applications in parallel with the rest of the commissioned solution so that it offers an aligned, unified user experience that users are already accustomed to through the desktop or web application. Mobile application then fits the whole system quite naturally, using the paradigms, user interface and operation already agreed with the client, and is not a project later designed.

Contemporary development technologies allow better prices

Today's technologies in the field of software development, such as Xamarin, enable us to develop software in which a significant number of different platforms share a common code. Mobile applications for Android, iOS or Windows mobile devices in most cases share a part of common code between different versions or with desktop and web application. Ultimately, this makes the cost of development of mobile applications to offer to users lower than if a separate solution was developed for each of these platforms.
Thanks to Universal applications, if we develop applications for Windows environment, we can make an application that looks exactly the same and behaves identically on computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Web services as support to mobile applications

Mobile applications are rarely fully independent and autonomous: in many cases, they rely on the existing web application, web service, or they need a back-end solution to communicate with or to retrieve available data from another source. STINGA software develops all related web services the mobile application relies on – hosting them, if necessary, on the user's infrastructure or in the Azure cloud – and thus provides users with a complete mobile solution that is server-side completely scalable and adapted to a specific project.
We have developed for our clients a range of mobile applications that are now used successfully as part of their business information systems or are part of their services for the end users.

Some of our mobile applications that are currently available to the public are:

  • Bonus Promet – application for the Association 'Bonus' (Association of casualties in traffic accidents), developed for Android and iOS , which allows members of the association to quickly contact the Association's Call Center at the time of the accident. The application relies on geolocation services and connection to the back-end system that runs on Azure platform.
  • ExRates CRO – Windows phones application for downloading current and historical exchange rates of the Croatian National Bank, with historical graphs of values movement of certain currencies, developed as an example of reliance on publicly available service data and their display and visualization.
  • ZP Remote – remote control for Zoom Player for Windows phones.
  • SharpSMS – use SharpSMS to quickly send predefined text messages.