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Through their businesses, companies today create and store more and more data. At the same time, because of market analysis, competition and monitoring of trends, they must detect and analyze large amounts of data ('big data') to find strategic information critical to business. Faced with such a large amount of data which is growing daily, companies often give up on their analysis, and ultimately do not even achieve the business benefits that such data can potentially provide.
STINGA software is a company with extensive experience in the development of specialized applications specifically for searching, structuring, processing and further analysis of large amounts of data. We have developed such solutions for many of our customers. Our main expertise is precisely in the area of working with complex systems and a large volume of data.
Our applications are used in different business segments, by companies from various sectors – financial and investment business, telecommunications sector, marketing operations – but with a common need for search and data collection.

What do our web applications and services do?

Web applications and services we have developed automatically find and collect data from the Internet, populating the databases quickly and automatically in a proper format, or are used for keeping a register of users or members of the organization and other customer relationship management (CRM) tasks. We have also developed applications that are an extension of these processes, such as the application for incoming calls in a call center.
Most customized web applications and related services that we have developed for our customers are located in the Azure cloud. This solution provides users with high availability services (i.e. uninterrupted), with the exact resources that meet the real needs of the organization and the application itself. With that in line they can easily scale the application for multiple users or the scope of use. At the same time, they do not have to worry about their own infrastructure, while STINGA software supports all the web applications and services.

Why cloud – and is that the right solution for every business?

Our practice shows that precisely these cloud solutions are significantly more favorable for users than those that are not cloud based. Nevertheless, STINGA software will always, after consultation with the user on a specific solution, develop a single application that best fits specific business needs and conditions as regards technical requirements. Our applications, in addition to the cloud, are often hosted and executed on user's own infrastructure, i.e. Windows or Linux servers. For the development of web applications and services, Sting Software uses ASP.NET MVC Core with many advanced libraries (jQuery, Bootstrap, SignalR, Type script and many others), which allows us to quickly develop advanced applications in line with all of today's technology standards.
STINGA software has also developed a range of components of application systems for other companies working in the field of software development and IT solutions. If you need a part of a system that fits into your existing solution – for example, a web service that provides connectivity of each component and access to a particular type of data – our company can design and develop it. In addition to complete solutions, we also make parts of the application systems for other IT companies. We can make a desired part of the system for you, such as a web service.

Some of the web applications and services that we have developed so far include:

  • LinkedAdds – web application used to track changes to data on the Internet that is of interest to the user, as well as analytics and preparation of reports.
  • Company profiles – web application that allows companies to enter and track data about other companies and organizations.
  • Bonus promet – system of automated management of membership, joining the association and contacting the call center for the association that helps members who were involved in traffic accidents.
  • HAMAG - program ESIF – application for small loans from ESIF program.
  • Ansafone – transcribing and analyzing audio files from the answering machine.